BIG NEWS !! We have now available the long awaited touch screen upgrade for our very successful 10×1” LCD. This new resistive SOFT touch supports a perfect fit and a very light touch operation , even a “swipe “ operation is possible. Call us now for details!
Did you know EarthLCD has a road show? If any of the products on the Earth web site are of interest to you please let us know. We will let you know when we are in your city. This is a very fun way to see all the Earth Products in person!
Support small business in America ! EarthLCD is a 100% American owned company and we appreciate your business. Call us for all your projects we want to hear from you!

EarthLCD 10x1”
1024x100 resolution TFT
with touch + Pi = MAGIC!

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Finished Monitors and
Open Frame Solutions

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Industrial LCD Touch

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Serial Programmable LCD

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Custom LCD Designed

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EarthLCD: "We Make LCD's Work"

EarthLCD is a leading “Assembled In The U.S.A.” manufacturer of Industrial LCD Touch Monitors, ezLCD “Smart” Touch LCD’s for Embedded Systems, Industrial Grade LCD Kits, LCD Touch Screen Kits, Industrial NTSC Monitors & Kits, Open Frame Monitors, Smart LCD Screens, Touch Screen Monitors, Industrial LCD Touch Screen Monitors, All in one Monitors, Custom OEM solutions, Integrated Solutions for OEM, LCD Touch Screen Modules, Custom LCD Display and LCD Controller Cards.


EarthLCD is a division of Earth Computer Technologies, Inc. originally founded in 1984. A full line of products plus custom engineered solutions are available. We source LCD displays direct from major manufacturers world wide allowing for a cost advantage over our competitors. EarthLCD offer’s the world’s widest variety of LCD’s in fully integrated solutions for OEM supply chain requirements.


EarthLCD targets industries such as Point Of Sale, Industrial Automation, Security, Hospitality, Kiosks, Home Automation, OEM, Gaming, Banking, Service, Test Equipment and Monitoring, Embedded Systems, Automotive, and many other applications.